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Yorkshire Coast Cetaceans 

Talk by Stuart Baines

Monday 29th May, 1.00pm - 2.00pm

Citizen scientist Stuart Baines was born and bred in Scarborough and has always had an interest in Yorkshire’s coastal wildlife. Over the last thirteen years he has developed a passion for the marine mammals that visit and live in the seas of his hometown - Dolphins, Whales and Porpoises.  Stuart is a regional coordinator representing the national cetacean charity Sea Watch and has links with the Yorkshire Wildlife Trusts on several cetacean projects, and on the Yorkshire-based Wild Eye project. He is the editor of the very popular Scarborough Porpoise Facebook page.


In his talk Stuart will use his extensive range of photographs and videos to describe the various species of marine animals that visit and inhabit the seas off Yorkshire and Scarborough, he will describe where the animals can best be observed by the public and will explain why these animals come to our waters. He will also explain how the Dolphin species inhabiting our waters have changed significantly over the past few years. Stuart will describe his actions towards conserving the magnificent animals that are cetaceans and will tell us how we can all make a real positive difference to that effort.


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