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A Talk By David Sillito: 

BBC Arts and Media Correspondent

Saturday 27th May, 1.00pm - 2.00pm

Scarborough on TV - What makes a story that will get you noticed?  How does a town change the way the rest of the world sees it?  And how art, culture and the environment are Scarborough’s secret strengths. 


I’m David Sillito, a BBC Arts Correspondent, and over the last 20 years or so I have reported from around the world for BBC TV, Radio and Online. One highlight was in 2021 when I returned to my beloved hometown for a special project, to lead a day of coverage that saw BBC Breakfast, the Today Programme and many other parts of BBC News, report live from the town.  2 years on, it feels like a good moment to discuss what’s happening and where do we go next?  Do join me for an hour of conversation about Scarborough, TV and why broadcasters love coming here.


With my strong generational links to Scarborough - to a town that shaped my life,  I would like to play my part in getting everyone talking about shaping a positive future life for Scarborough and all its residents.

This event is aimed at all artists, performers, community groups, businesses, individuals and organisations interested in how to tell their story, to achieve local, national and international press, and for everyone interested in the future of Scarborough.


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