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Dr Richard Seymour:

Loving The Aliens

Saturday 25th May,

Doors open 12.30pm, Talk 1pm to 2pm

Dr Richard Seymour lives in the future. As a design innovator he has to do this, because much of what he creates won’t arrive into the market for up to 6 years from now. If we design for now it’ll be already out of date when 2030 comes around. Welcome to a world of Temporal Parallax, Emotional Ergonomics and Realitocracy. Buckle up, it’s going to be a rough ride!


Richard Seymour


Scarborough-born Richard Seymour is one of Europe's foremost industrial designers. A co-founder of the internationally acclaimed London consultancy Seymour Powell. Amongst his numerous credits are the world's first pocketable mobile phone and the cordless kettle. He is also former President of Design And Art Direction (D&AD).


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