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Hidden Sounds (2024).jpg

Hidden Sounds

Sunday 19th May ,6.30pm - 8.30pm

Sounds are everywhere.

Some are obvious. 

Some are hidden. 


Hidden Sounds weaves textures and soundscapes from sounds that are often ignored or might never normally be heard. This improvised performance draws inspiration from places that are secret or inaccessible, from iconic locations in our region, and from abandoned instruments and objects left for dead.


Using sounds captured inside Hull’s Tidal Surge Barrier and the Humber Bridge and field recordings from along the East Yorkshire coast, Hidden Sounds creates a layered, intricate yet fragile soundscape from the landscape that we share. These sounds are the starting point for creating a collective improvisation mixing dense textures from the concrete of the city with delicate half-memories from recovered instruments and glimpses of the rural coast. And there’ll be large beats. 


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