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On Our Way To Jorvik

John Sunderland & Dr Peter Addyman

in Conversation With John Oxley 

Saturday 25th May, Doors Open 2.30pm - Talk 3.00pm

Peter Addyman, archaeologist, now-retired, was the instigator and former chief executive of the York Archaeological Trust (1972-2002) and was responsible for the development of the Jorvik Viking Centre. He has been President of the Council for British Archaeology, founding Chairman of the Institute of Field Archaeologists and President  of York Civic Trust.


Yorkshireman John Sunderland, author, artist, multimedia designer, got the job back in 1981 to Project Design the very first Jorvik Viking Centre in York. At the time there was nothing like it in the world. The mission was to bring the archaeological data dug up from the Vikings in York to life in a manner that the average person could relate to it. John has been journalling since 1980. Currently at volume 161, the journals make visible the processes, successes, failures, and angst of a creative life. Contained in the first volumes, (1980-84) the original concepts and designs for the experiential realisation of the original Jorvik Viking Centre exhibition lie waiting to be awoken by the seaside air.  In words and pictures, the journals expose the raw bones of the creative process, and an out-of-the box mind. Watch seeds of ideas which grew, and others that never made it to leaf. John's journals will open to the public for the first time at 'Big Ideas By the Sea’.


John Oxley was City Archaeologist with the City of York Council for 30 years. He implemented new approaches to managing, protecting and researching urban archaeological deposits. He is now Co-Director of the Big Ideas By The Sea Festival which he and Kane Cunningham created in 2020.


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