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All About Anne:

Work inspired by Anne Brontë

Tuesday 28th May, 2.00pm to 3.30pm,

doors open 1.30pm


On May 28 1849, Anne Brontë passed away at Wood’s Lodgings, Scarborough. On the 175th anniversary of her death, Big Ideas By The Sea in association with The Anne Brontë Association will bring a selection of talks, readings and performances that illustrate Anne Bronte,her work and her relationship with Scarborough

Who are we?

The Anne Brontë Association (established 2023) is dedicated to protecting and promoting the work, legacy, and memory of Anne Brontë. We are based at Scarborough Maritime Heritage Centre where we also have a permanent display of her connection to Scarborough. She is a vital part of Scarborough’s history, and plays a key part in Scarborough’s future inspiring the next generation of creatives!


2:00pm: Introduction by Lauren, the Anne Brontë Society

2:10 – 2:40pm Charlotte Oliver & Emma Conally Barklem perform original poems inspired Anne Brontë

2:40 - 3:30pm a special performance of ‘To be Undone: The Last Days of Anne Bronte’ an excerpt from a new play by Scarborough born author, Wendy Pratt.

In the half an hour space (3:30 - 4pm) before the memorial service starts, there will be display boards about Anne and Scarborough to look at, and Emma Conally Barklem has also agreed to do a book signing.


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