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Remembering Anne Bronte:

A memorial service dedicated to her life, Legacy and memory

Tuesday 28th May, 4.00pm to 5.00pm

On May 28 1849, Anne Brontë passed away at Wood’s Lodgings, Scarborough. On the 175th anniversary of her death, The Anne Brontë Association in asociation with Big Ideas By The Sea will hold a one-hour remembrance service in her honour at St. Mary’s Church, Scarborough. Anne’s funeral could not be held at St. Mary’s due to the church’s renovation work, so it would be wonderful to hold a service in the church she loved so much. Anne is buried in St. Mary’s churchyard.

The service would be completely centred on Anne’s work and writing, her contribution to Scarborough’s literary and artistic landscape, and her legacy in the town.

After the service join us in a visit to Anne’s grave and tombstone.


Remembering Anne Brontë: a memorial service marking 175 years since her death

4 -5 pm

Opening of service, Rev. Ingham

Reading by Adelle

Reading by Kay

Hymn 1

Reading by Lynn

Reading by Wendy

Hymn 2

(Powerpoint) montage Remembering Anne with background music 

Reading by Lauren

Closing remarks by The Anne Brontë Association

Lord’s Prayer

With readings from special guest speakers, hymns, and time to reflect, this will be a memorable event to celebrate the life of Anne Brontë.


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