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Resonation: Improvised Immersive 

Collaborative Concert

Sunday 28th May, 19.00pm - 22.00pm

A community ensemble of musicians and performers responding to the history and role of St Mary's Church within Scarborough over the last 800 years. 


This  sound-based exploration of St Mary’s Church, discovering the stories it has to tell us, and the stories that we have to tell each other there, through an immersive experience of sound and music, led by Scarborough’s own Captain Anthony. 


There will be resonance and found sounds, live musicians, vocals, tape loops, electronic synthesis, instrumental ambience, spoken word, and the magnificent church organ, creating a community symphony response to, and conversation with, the wonderful building that is St Mary’s.


You are very much encouraged to wander and explore the building during the performance, as the sounds direct and focus your ears, and to gaze around the church spaces. Also, the performance is as much about feeling the resonance of the space, so feel free to take a moment or two to close your eyes or lay on the floor if you wish… all responses to the immersive performance experience are valid.


Plus - if you would like to be involved in creating the performance, then you are very welcome - there will be at least two rehearsals. You do not need to be musical or a musician… all noises and words are welcomed. Dates and times of rehearsals will be posted via the usual media channels and notice boards, including the Big Ideas by the Sea website, so look out for them and then just come along.


St Mary’s offers ample seating for those who would like to sit, plus refreshments and accessible toilet facilities.


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