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Sir Christopher Frayling

The Name's Adam, Ken Adam... The Design of James Bond 

Doors Open 10.30 am, talk begins 11.00am

Production designer Ken Adam was a key member of the team which created the early James Bond films, up to 'Moonraker' - and the sets became central to the Bond DNA. Yet, the role of the production designer in mainstream movies - such as the Bonds- is still under-valued and often misunderstood. This talk will examine the visual contribution of Ken Adam - as well as his life story, which as Roger Moore once observed, "was more interesting than many of the films he designed!". This will be an unmissable talk to make sure you book early!


Sir Christopher Frayling is the author of 'Ken Adam - the Art of Production Design', and the recent 'Ken Adam Archive' published by Taschen.


Sir Christopher Frayling


Educationalist, author and broadcaster Sir Christopher Frayling is a former Rector of The Royal College of Art and a past Chairman of Arts Council England. He is best known for his work as a historian of popular culture particularly of Spaghetti Westerns and the cinematic portrayal of Dracula.


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