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The Last Posts: 

Photography Exhibition by Paul Wilson

Friday 19th May to Friday 2nd June

The Last Posts

Photography Exhibition by Paul Wilson

19.05.23 – 02.06.23

Sun-Thurs 10am–6pm, Fris and Sats 10am–8pm

(Weather dependent)

The Southern Star, Seagrown, Scarborough Vincent Pier

Please note, we regret that this venue is not fully accessible, as it is accessed over a gangplank


The Last Posts - for millennia, the shores of this island have been vulnerable from the sea, a destructive force, relentlessly pounding our often inadequate defenses.  Spurn the mouth of the Humber estuary, became, as a result of a tidal surge in 2013, Britain’s newest island.


At the end of the last ice age, the coastline extended out for several miles and was made up of boulder clay and other glacial debris.  But now, as sea levels rise, the soft boulder clay is dissolved by the tides, then distributed along the Holderness coastline, through long-shore drift.  At various times over the last one hundred years, wooden groynes were constructed, to control this drift but they now stand idle, after years of (largely ineffective) hard work – and they will never be replaced.   


Paul Anthony Wilson has been a photographer since 1986 and lives in the North East of England.  An observer with a camera, much of his work involves economic, social or environmental issues, invariably as a result of human intervention. His aim is to attract, and engage with a wider creating fine art from adversity.


This exhibition is on board the Southern Star – the headquarters of Seagrown, makers of artisan seaweed products – alongside the Western Pier. What a venue!


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