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Swift Tide

The Sea Speaks: 

A Conversation for the future

Sunday 19th May, 4.30pm - 6.00pm

The Sea Speaks is a conversation, hosted by BIBTS, bringing together people who all have a strong individual relationship with the sea, to hear about what they think the sea has been saying to them, and how they have learned to understand, interpret and react to it. 

We hope to include people who are artists, fishermen, environmentalists, surfers, sea swimmers, sea watchers, sea lovers……

The Sea Speaks conversation doesn’t have to reach any definite conclusions or outcomes, but we do want it to bring people together, and to help BIBTS understand more about how people from across our community relate to the sea, so that we can build on that for the future.

Please note that while the venue is accessible, there aren’t any toilets – the public loos are just across the road (40p!).


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